At RedAppleHR we see ourselves as your HR department. Whether on a retained or project by project basis we are able to provide you with the professional support that you need, when you need it. 
Flexible, affordable HR services from RedAppleHR Consultancy. RedAppleHR is a Human Resource Consultancy, owned and managed by Samantha Tomlin. Having been employed in a variety of HR capacities since 1999 Samantha established RedAppleHR in 2008 having achieved the role of EMEA HR Director for a global Pharmaceutical company. 
Some of the specific areas we can work with you and your teams are: 
Aligning the HR Plan to the Business Plan 
Succession Planning 
Career Development 
Performance Management 
“As a fast growing technology company, it was essential for us to find someone who could bring all aspects of our HR up to date, without causing disruption, but with all due care and attention. 
We are very pleased with the works that Red Apple HR carried out for us and will not hesitate in using them again for any further HR requirements, or in recommending them to anyone else.” 
IT Business, Stevanage 
Contact RedAppleHR 
Phone 01234 711784, Mobile 07876 216932 
Why use a hunan resources consultant? 
RedAppleHR provides a modern, personable and flexible approach to HR. We are forward-thinking, we ask probing questions and we are 100% focused on our clients best interests. 
Outsourcing to consultants can be mistakenly viewed as expensive. 
That’s not the case with RedAppleHR. Because our HR services are completely flexible, our clients only commission exactly what they need and as well as being delighted with the results, are pleasantly surprised by our invoices. 
How We Work 
Retained HR Services 
Our Monthly Retainer service gives you the benefit of on call HR support when you need it. 
Our retainer service is based around an agreed amount of time required per month which is paid for on an ongoing basis by direct debit. 
We understand that your HR requirement won't nessacarily be constant and therefore we review the hours used on a quarterly basis and make adjustments at that time. 
In essence, this service provides you with your own HR department on an outsourced basis, at a known cost which will be more cost effective than having your own HR department. 
Project HR Services 
Before we start working with you, we offer a FREE consultation which enables us to find out how we can best help you.With project work we will agree a fixed hourly rate with you and give our best estimate of the time needed to complete your project. 
This service is ideal if you are approaching a significant extra workload such as with redundancies or the formulation of employment contracts for example. RedAppleHR can work independently or in conjunction with your current HR department, working as an extra short term resource. 
As all of our services are handled on a bespoke basis for our clients, and as no two clients are the same, we agree full terms & conditions with you before commencing work. 
Testimonials for RedAppleHR 
"As a small business with 12 employees, I need access to expert advice on employment contracts, staff development and other employment issues on an ongoing basis. 
In the past, I have used a couple of employer advice lines, but have found them totally inadequate. It was expensive and time consuming listening to music on hold on premium telephone numbers and I never got to speak to the same person twice. 
I can thoroughly recommend Red Apple HR as the ideal solution. I now have ongoing support from an employment specialist who is readily available to talk with me whenever I need." 
Edward Byrne 
Edward Byrne Associates 
Dental Practice, Bedford 
"As a rapidly developing SME in a competitive market we have found ourselves in the situation where we have no qualified, experienced in-house HR employee but have an ever increasing requirement for access to such a resource. 
In Red Apple HR we have found the perfect answer to our problem – a professional, knowledgeable expert that can help guide us through all manner of employment issues – guaranteeing that all of our HR and employment related scenarios are dealt with promptly, legally and above all else, with an understanding that the best solution for our business is always recommended. 
I would have no hesitation in suggesting that similar businesses in the same situation as us would benefit from using Red Apple HR – top quality service, guaranteed." 
Jenny Capewell 
Sales & Marketing Director 
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