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A quality toolmaking and repair shop offering a personal engineering and manufacturing service for a wide range of component parts. Production, manufacture and design engineering. Maintenance and repair. Industrial engraving and business awards. Bespoke wrought iron products. Proven experience of supporting one of Europe's largest manufacturers of rigid drinks containers. 
North Bucks Machining is a finalist in The Chamber of Commerce Manufacturing Excellence Awards. 
Production Unit, New Woad Farm, Lathbury, Milton Keynes, MK16 8QZ 
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Phone 01908 611669 
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What do we do? We are specialist in... 
Aluminium Mould Repairs 
Manifold Flange 
Switch Assembly Plates  
Back and Base Plates 
Prototype Design 
Connector Arms 
Stand Offs 
Component Parts 
Plastic Labels 
Plastic Sleeves 
Pick and Place Arm Clamps 
Trim Tooling 
Riser Plates 
North Bucks Machining Ltd manufacture & produce high quality components from concept design through to manufacture. Currently supporting the design of new moulds for the European drink industry. 
With over 20yrs experience in the industry North Bucks Machining Ltd offers customers reliable, high quality comprehensive maintenance and repair from breakdown to refurbishment. 
North Bucks Machining Ltd has the experience to offer a complete design & manufacturing process. We can also repair or change specialised machine parts 
North Bucks Machining Ltd produces to order, Industrial Engraving in large or small batches, high quality Labels and Engraved plates. 
We have worked with the artist Liisa Clarke, engraving “Plates” to her design, for the Chamber of Commerce. 
Testimonials for North Bucks Machining Ltd. 
I am a sculptor and a Methodist minister who has gathered a disparate group of 16 artists from around the country in order to create opportunities of excitement and purpose for people whose only access to the Olympics will be the TV. During the six weeks of the Cultural Olympiad, I am planning a series of events at a church one mile from the Olympic Stadium. 
As an unresourced individual starting from scratch, I have to rely upon the good will, expertise and hospitality of businesses such as North Bucks Machining Ltd. They have advised me on design, assisting me to turn complex ideas into physical realities. They also designed a secure method for hanging the valuable paintings of the Methodist Church Art Collection. 
However busy they are there is always a genuine sense of welcome. For me, this company is the embodiment of honest business, good products and excellent customer relations. 
David Moore 
Greenpoweruk is a small local business testing and selling domestic wind turbines from both the United States and China . We are at present looking to supply are own parts from the UK, and are working locally with North Bucks Machining in the design and manufacture of prototypes to achieve this. 
We have been customers of NBM since they started and have been very pleased with every aspect of their work. They always keep to deadlines, the quality of work is brilliant, there prices are competitive. They are very knowledgeable and are able to solve any problems. They are very approachable and work well as a team. 
Mick Howard 
MK Trophies 
CBSArcSafe UK Ltd., a subsidiary of a US Corporation providing health and safety equipment 
into the electrical industry in UK, European and Middle East. 
I was looking for a small and friendly engineering company, local to us in Milton Keynes that we could work with in developing new products for the UK and European markets. We have found service provided by North Bucks Machining to be flexible, good quality and delivered on time. I would have no worries in recommending the services of NBM to any organization looking for bespoke engineering services. 
Neil Brookes 
UK General Manager 
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