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Jane Smith Financial Planning Limited. 
Jane Smith Financial Planning Ltd is a firm of Independent Financial Planners, and our comprehensive financial planning service can help you prioritise what you want out of life for you and your family. A family-run business, we take the time to get to know you – your lifestyle as well as your hopes and aspirations for yourself and those closest to you. Then, before we do anything else, we map your current financial status so you can clearly see the impact of your priorities on the future of your finances. 
We spend what feels like a lifetime working, with retirement a long term goal. But surprisingly few people take a co-ordinated approach to making sure they can have the lifestyle they want in both now and retirement. Jane Smith Financial Planning Ltd can help you change that. 
Clients often come to us with a ‘scattergun’ portfolio of investments, usually the product of successive single-product financial advice elsewhere. However, the problem with financial advice is that it focuses on solving an immediate problem, and does not help you with your long term financial planning. This leaves you in the position where you may reach retirement and have to hope that what you have is sufficient to last you. Something may even go wrong on the way, maybe illness or death, leaving you in a more difficult financial position. 
What’s missing is the structured and co-ordinated approach of Financial Planning, where plans are aligned with actions to help you reach your goals more easily. 
You have some idea of what you want to achieve in life; we will help you develop this into a set of clearly defined goals. This simple action is one of the most powerful steps you can take to improve the quality of the rest of your life. While you may not be able to achieve everything on your list, the act of setting goals will help you focus and prioritise your objectives so you can achieve the aspirations most important to you. 
If we should need to recommend any specific product, our independent status means we are not tied to any particular provider or limited product range. This means the advice you receive from Jane Smith Financial Planning Ltd gives you the most unbiased options available. 
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Jane Smith Financial Planning Ltd. can be found at 7 Osier Way, Olney Office Park, Olney, Bucks, MK46 5FP 
Comments about Jane Smith Financial Planning Limited 
” We find the projections of our finances into retirement very beneficial” 
Mr & Mrs A, August 2008 
“I continue to value the balance between financial service and advice and the personal ‘family’ understanding” 
Mrs G, March 2010 
“Service always outstanding and all staff pleasant and helpful” 
Mrs S, May 2008 
“We enjoy our face-to-face meetings when required and appreciate the longstanding relationships and consistent, caring staff ethos” 
Mr & Mrs C, July 2010 
“My financial plan is easy to read and understand. There is always a genuine interest and concern for my well-being and time to discuss things. Also a warm and friendly atmosphere reigns but at the same time remains extremely professional.”  
Mrs C, November 2009 
How we work to benefit YOU 
Initial appointment 
Choosing a financial planner to guide you through your personal financial planning is a big commitment, so Jane Smith Financial Planning Ltd offers an initial appointment of up to one hour without charge or obligation. This gives you the opportunity to tell us about yourself and what you hope to achieve, and allows you to find out how we can meet your needs. 
Following our initial meeting, we will give you a quotation for the cost of compiling your Personal Financial Management Plan on your behalf. 
Second appointment 
If you wish to proceed with our quotation, we will arrange a second appointment, which will take anything between two and four hours. 
This is when we go through: 
Your aims and objectives 
Your priorities 
Current income and expenditure 
Existing plans and investments 
In other words, a full exploration of your current situation to ensure we have a thorough understanding of your needs. 
Your Personal Financial Management Plan 
Once we have a complete picture, we develop your Personal Financial Management Plan, designed to capture your position in a single document, which forms the basis of all the investments you make with our guidance and advice. 
This document will include clear visual representations of your current position, the issues you may face, and the areas you need to concentrate on.  
Included in your plan is a list of the actions we recommend you take, together with the expected costs. 
Jane Smith Financial Planning will guide you through the process of implementing our recommendations. 
Review and Continued Planning 
Your objectives and resources will change over time, as will the assumptions regarding inflation, interest rates and growth. It is critical that your financial planning keeps pace with these changes. By continuing to use our services, continued reviewing and updating of your plan, as required, we will help to improve the likelihood of your achieving the lifestyle you desire. 
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